Saturday, December 13, 2008

All About My Last Thursday's Clinic Day.

Well this is what  happened on last Thursday, which is a Clinic day and stuff. Well So me and my mom first woke up and me and my mom got in the shower I got  in first then she did, and well we both got dressed and all ready too go, I took all my Medicine, and checked my Blood Pressure, and my Temperature, and wrote it down in my Heart, and Medicine Check Book, that I have been have too use sense I first got home from the Hospital, I well have too write in that Medicine Book for a very, very long time. So then we left our house and went to the Hospital Primary Children's Hospital. I first got my blood work done then I took my Medicine wicth is my Prograf, then we went to Cardiology, so they got me ready and I got my Echo, EKG and all of that other stuff down. So then I waited for Dr. Julian Smith, and I talked too her a lot about stuff that's been happening in my  horrible, sad Life, well then me and her talked about some other bad stuff too, stuff like that I would might have too goo back too the Residential Treatment Center too get some more help, cause I been having a hard time, and I'm not copping good, not at all, so I have too stop what I have been doing to myself, or its not going to be OK,not at all she said. Anyways and then she told me that, me and her had too talk too my mom about something and then we got done talking too my mom and then me and her talked about the stuff that her and my mom was talking about and we were talking about my sexual abuse by Tom Hovatt when i lived in Price,UT, it was very hard talking too her about that so she helped me tell her about it. So then I finally got done talking to her about it, and then she took me to my mommy, well me and my mom waited for Dr.Everett, and we had too tell her about my Blood Pressure was , well when i do an activity my blood pressure gos really low, and my heart rate stays the same. And so Dr.Everett told me that i had to wear a heart monitor for 24 Hours whicth is called a Holter Moniter. Well so than me and mom went and refilled all of my Medicine if it had too be refilled,and if so we went back up and picked up all of my refiled Medicine up. . So we then we finally got all done with the Hospital and stuff, so we then left the Hospital. I also then took my afternoon Medicine. So we then we went home and spent the rest of the day at home with my wonderful family, my twin sister, my big brother Lamar, and my wonderful Mom, so we had dinner, and then I started on my Homework that is going too be due in like a day or three but I'm not quit shore really, but i really didn't get it all done so I'm going too finish it tomorrow, oh and then I wacted Hanna Montana, and then I took my bath and also took all of my Medication, and then I checked my Blood Pressure and Temperature, and I got ready for bed and we finally went to sleep.Zzzzzz