Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Thrid Day At Coral Dessert Rehab.

I Worked Really Hard In PT, Tomorrow I Have Physical Therapy At 11:30A.M. In The Morning. Today I Walked Without A Cane. I'm Going Too Work Really Haed Tomorrow.

I Want A Secound Heart Transplant.

I Wish MN Well Re-Asesse Me For A Secound Heart Transolant Right Know, Because My Heart Is Getting Worse.

At Coral Dessert Rehab.

This Morning I Took Shower, I Feel Fresh And Clean. It's Gonna Be A Good Day Today. Good Morning Facebook By The Way.
 — at Coral Desert Rehab.

Friday, February 27, 2015

My Secound Day At Coral Dessert.

Today Was An Early Morning, And A Busy Day Again. Tomorrow I Have Therapy At 2:30P.M. That's It For Tomorrow. I'm Walking Better And Better, Fathur And Ftahur. I'm Doing So Great.

My First Day At Carol Dessert.

My 2nd Night At Carol Dessert Tonight, Today Was A Busy Day With Physical Thearapy And OT. That's All I Can Say. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I At The Nurseing Home.

'm Settled In At Coral Dessert, The Nursing Home. I'm A Littlie Scared, But I'll Be Okay. I Have Therapy Tomorrow @ 11:15A.M, 2P.M.- OT, And 4P.M. A Busy Day Tomorrow. I Will Update Tomorrow Night.

It Worked....

I'm going too Coral Dessert A nursing facility too get stronger then I'm going too go home if I'm strong other than ill go too Acute Rehab. Its A great Plan ill work really hard keep in your prayers.

Me In The Hospital....

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Plan, For Know....

The plan is know, I'm going too go too A nursing facility and get stronger for like a week. Then I will ether go too Acute Rehab or Home, finally. So thats the plan for know ill update soon again.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Life....Know.

I still need A new heart transplant. Right know my heart is stable. Im looking at Minneapolis, MN for a second heart transplant. Right know, I'm in the hospital going too rehab floor tomorrow at Dixie Regional Medical Center In St.George, Utah. Im going there too get stronger because I been really sick a While. I got bone flap back on my head on the 29th of January And surgery had some complications during the surgery, I lost a lot of blood and I had 3 blood transfusions. But other then that my surgery went perfect. They gave my mom A porto type of my head, it was really cool and amazing. But right know I been sick A while, so I'm in hospital and I'm going too the rehab floor tomorrow too get stronger so i can keep going with fighting for my life. Well update Soon.