Monday, March 31, 2014

What's Been Going For Last Couple Week's

Well It Was My Birthday On March, 22. I Turned The Big One, 21. I Went Too Mesquite, And I Gambled, And Ordered A Virgin Fuzzy Navel. So I Had A Great Birthday. On Wednesday I Had Extremely Chest Pain, So My Mom Took Me Too The ER, Because The Chest Pain Wouldn't Go Away. So I Was At The ER, And They Shot Some Nitroglycerin In My I.V. And Gave Some Pain Medicine And Then My Blood Dropped Too 79/55, So They Decided Too Life Flight Me. They Did An Emergency Angiogram In The Morning About 9:00 A.M. Because We Got There Like At 2:00 In The Morning. So They Did An Angiogram And It Was Clean. So They Found Out That I Did A Little Bit Too Much In Physical Therapy, So I Got Discharged The Next Morning. It Took Me 2 Day's Too Recuperate, But I'm Good. So Know Me And My Mom Are Staying At Ronald McDonald House.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Were Heading To Colorado And Salt Lake City, Ut.

Were Heading To Colorado Too Have Fun And Too See My Mom's Boyfriend, David. He's Great Guy. And Then Were Heading Salt Lake City, UT For Doctor's Appointment's. My Appointment's Are With The Rehab Dr. And Psychotherapist. Minnesota Hasn't Called About Being Able Too Be Reassessed By Them. And That's About It.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Making Up For Lost Time....

I Feel Life I've Been Away From My Blog, Forever. But The Truth Is It's Been My Main Goal. I Accomplished It And Here I'am. Sider Sinai, Denver, UCLA, And Utah Said No For Re- Assesses For A New Heart Transplant. I Told My Mom " If No One Re- Assesses Me For A New Heart Transplant, I Want Start Over And Re- Ask Them." Well Besides That, I Went Too The Rehab Doctor His Name Is Dr. Andrew Dodds And He Said I Doing Fabulous. And He Wants To Do More Botox And He Wants Too Do Testing On Me In March, That's About It. That's Been Going On.