Friday, March 11, 2016

What's Been Going On With Me And Why I'm In The Hopital, Again.

I Know I Haven't Updated In A While, But This Is What's Been Going On With Me.This Is What My Mom Told Me. Sometime At The End Of Febuary, That I Passed Out And Fell Of The Toliet At Home, So My Mom And Brother, LaMar Called 911. And They Took Me To The Hospital And My Mom Drove With Me In The Abaulence. When I Got To The Hospital, They Got Me Confrotable And It Took Then 2 Poke's To Get An I.V., But They Got One And They Gave Me Some Nusia Medicine, And Then My Heaet Starting Beating At 180 Beat's. And Remember Saying "Don't Shoke Me." At This Point My Heart Was Working At Only 30% And The Next Thing I Remembered Is I Was At I.M.C. In Murray, Utah. I Was Life Flighted. And I Was In Heart & Lung Intensive Care Unit And I Was Intibated For 5 Day's And Then I Was Extibated 2 Day's Ago And I Was Moved To The 3rd Floor (Heart & Lung). Know On March 11, 2016 Today I Feel Pretty Good, I Got Moved Today To The 12th Floor, The Rahab Floor. For Me To Get Stronger And My Heart Stronger. This Really Hard For My Mom To Talk About It Cause I Was So Close To Drying Again. So Someday I'll Ask What All Happened.