Sunday, November 29, 2009

Went And Saw Honor Society

Well it was on October 24 , 2009 on A Saturday. And it was in Murry, Utah near Salt Lake City at the Murry Theater. And well so me and my Mom left that day and started to drive up to the concert and so it took us a little while to get there and the Concert was sapost to start at 7:00pm but the doors opened at 6:30 and well we got there at  like 8:00pm and we were sad cause we thought that we missed the Concert but we didn't miss it which was a good thing and so then during the concert they sang a song called " See You In The Dark" and they do a Dance to that song and I did that dance and it was so much fun. And then at the end of the concert everyone got to meet them and take a picture with them and a singed poster of them and well and during the concert they had a spacial guest and her name was Esmee Denters. It was really cool and then after the concert you could meet them and stuff but you had to buy a Ticket to it and i didn't have a ticket and my mom Told them That I had a Heart Transplant and I wanted to see these guys so bad and they just said yes to every thing so i got too meet them and stuff it was amazing and I told one of the singers in the band that I had a Heart Transplant and I Got two singed  Guitar picks which was amazing and i got to hug them so right after i got in the car and changed my shirt and putted my shirt that they gave me hug with and saved it and I'm going to put it in a frame. It was So Amazing the best time in my Life.   :)

This Is What Has Been Going On For Last Couple Of Week's

Well I went to My Heart Cath and It Was Perfect :) and I Went to my Regular Check Up and Everthing Was Good too the only thing was that they had to change my Thiod Medication and my Prograf.