Thursday, March 5, 2015

Today Was A Busy Day.

Today I Saw My Heart Faliure Cardiolagist Today. My Heart Transplant Is Still Stable, My Doctor Put Lasix Three Time's A Week Cause My Blood Pressure Been Low. I Worked Really Hard In Physical Therapy And Occupational Therapy. But I Really Tired Today, I Had A Long Day. Tomorrow I Have An Appointment With Primary Care Doctor At 1:30P.M. Too Check My Diabetes And Other Stuff. Tomorrow I Have Physical Therapy At 10:30A.M. And 3:15P.M. And I Have Occupational Therapy At 2:30P.M.
That's All For Tomorrow And It's Friday.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

First Week At Coral Dessert.

My First Week Has Been Great. Today The OT Came In Whiled I Showered And I Passed It, I Did It All By My Self. In OT And PT I Worked Really Hard And Tomorrow I See My Cardiologist At 10A.M. And See How My Heart Failure Is Doing. And My Therapy Is At. Physical Therapy Is At 11:15A.M. and 2:30P.M. My Occupational Therapy Is At 3:30P.M. Tomorrow.

What I'm Going Too Do....

On March 9th, 2015, I Going Too Keep Blood Sugar's Under Control And Not Eat Any Sugary Food's And Keep My Blood Sugar's Under 130. And Do My Shoulder Excirsize's And My Leg Excirsize's Every Day 3 Time's A Day. I'm Work Ass Off In PT And OT.

Yesterday, My Sixth Day At Coral Dessert.

I  Worked Really Hard In Physical And Occupational Therapy, Today. I Have Too Wake Up And Take A Shower And Stuff With The Therapist Tomorrow At 8A.M. Then I Have PT At 10:15A.M., 2:30P.M. And OT At 2P.M. I'm Gonna Work Really Extra Hard Tomorrow. I Hope I Get Too Go Home Soon. I Get Too Go Too Bathroom Alone And Walk Around My Room Alone. I'm So Excited.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Me At Coral Dessert Rehab.

My Fifth Day At Coral Dessert.

I Worked Really Hard In Physical Thearapy And I Went Up 22 Stair's. And My Mom Was Here Too Wacth Me In PT And OT. I Have PT At 10:15A.M. And 2:30P.M. OT At 3:30P.M. My Head Was Swollen Today, So My Nurse Called The Doctor Today And I Felt A Little Off Today, So I Have A CT Scan Scedrauled.That's It For Today.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Fourth Day At Coral Dessert.

I Worked Really Hard In Therapy, Tomorrow I Have PT At 11:15A.M. OT At 2P.M. And PT At 2:30P.M. I'm Going Work Extra Hard Tomorrow And I'm Going Too Take Shower Tomorrow Part My OT. So That's Plan For Tomorrow.