Saturday, September 5, 2015

About Me, How I'm Doing Know.

I'm 22 years old, and right know I just got out of the hospital and sent too Coral Desert Rehab too get stronger cause when I was in the hospital they made me just lay there so I got really weak. Right know my heart is stable but I do need a 2nd heart transplant soon. In August of 2013 I had a massive brain hemmarge and it affected my right side like a stroke, I had my right skull removed for a year in a half. In January of this year I had my skull put back on. Right now I'm trying too MN too reassess me for a second heart transplant and stay as healthy as i can. Thats it for know.

What's Been Going On Sense I Been In Coral Desert Rehab.

It been a couple days sence I last blogged this whats been going on while I been here at Coral Desert. I been walking a lot and going up and down curb's in physical thearapy. My goal is too be out of here on the 15 of September. I hope I make my goal I been working really hard in physical therapy and occupational therapy. I'll update again tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

In Coral Desert Rehab.

I got too Coral Desert yesterday evening, and I was sad at first but I got sad cause I had too leave my family. While I'm at Coral Desert ill do physical therapy twice a day and occupational therapy once a day. Ive did great in OT and PT this morning. Know one more physical therapy and I'm going too work my ass of really hard. I took a nap earlier today so that's good, I'm strong enough too do really good in PT, and then i have dinner watch High School Musical and go too bed. I well update about tomorrow, when tomorrow comes.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I Been In The Hospital.

I got sick on the 22 of August And I went to the ER on the 24 of Augest. I been in the hospital sense then. I hope I get discharged tomorrow and then Ill go too Coral Dessert Rehab its A nursing home cause i got really weak, to get stronger. The doctor diagnosed me with A UTI and other thing's. Im geting a lot better today. I will update when I get setteled in Coral Dessert tomorrow.