Friday, July 10, 2009


Well so then she said my Heart was in REJECTION. And the reason was Because my Lab Work was All Very Bad Results, so she said that my Heart Cath would be like 2.889 instead of how good they were last time which was like 1.112 So I just Said to my Self  " I might of wells just Give Up on Every thing. And me and my Mom was so scared and stuff. So then we left the Hospital and went and saw some of my B.A.C.A Guy's who was Spongrob, M&M, and Speedy but I Call him Dr.Speedy. SO i told all my B.A.C.A guys the bad news that my New Heart was getting Sick. Well so we went and ate at A&W with Speedy and M&M, and then the Next Day we Stayed at the Ronald House. Then we went back Home to ST.George.

All About My Heart Cath On Friday June 26, 2009

Well the day before we drove up too Salt Lake City, Well my Mom had too first go too Work at The Hospitial, And my Mom gave us an Appoitment to a Masagge Place and it was prettty cool because it was my first time. Well so the Next day was my HEART CATH. And well so we got at the Hospitial and Checked in and every thing. Well So my came into the operating room thing and then they told her she had too leave because I wasn't Falling asleep. So when she left I still wasnet falling Asleep and then they had too give me alot more Laghing Gas so when they did that the Lemon Smell went awaway so it smelt really Bad. Well and I guess well I wouldn't Wake Up at all Because I usally Wake up In about 2 Hours, but this time I didn't Wake Up for 5 Hours. So that wasn't good but I Did woke Up which was good. And then After That we Went down to The CARDIOLAGEY DEPARTMENT and so then they did my Heart Cardiogram, And well then After that we went in and Saw DR.Evritt well and then she looked at the LAB WORK Results that they did during my Heart Cath. Well then she Said...........