Friday, July 10, 2009


Well so then she said my Heart was in REJECTION. And the reason was Because my Lab Work was All Very Bad Results, so she said that my Heart Cath would be like 2.889 instead of how good they were last time which was like 1.112 So I just Said to my Self  " I might of wells just Give Up on Every thing. And me and my Mom was so scared and stuff. So then we left the Hospital and went and saw some of my B.A.C.A Guy's who was Spongrob, M&M, and Speedy but I Call him Dr.Speedy. SO i told all my B.A.C.A guys the bad news that my New Heart was getting Sick. Well so we went and ate at A&W with Speedy and M&M, and then the Next Day we Stayed at the Ronald House. Then we went back Home to ST.George.

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