Monday, February 16, 2009

All About My Heart Cath On Friday.

Well so we went into the same day surgery and they called me and then i got all ready too go in the Cath lab, so i went in asked them if i could have my IV put in before i was asleep so they said that it was OK. So her I'm smelling apple in the Anastasia mask, and then the next thing I noticed that when they putted the Iv in me and then my blood was going up the tube into the IV fluids. Well so then the Doctors were so confused and worried, and I wasn't going too sleep with the laughing Gas, but they scared me so much. That I wasn't holding the mask on my face so then they finally said and told me that everything was alright. They said that they just hitted my arider when putting my IV in me. So then I wasn't scared anymore and I then went finally asleep. Well so I guess woked up around 2 o'clock, and I woke up and just said I'm Hungry which was so,so funny. So we got all done with my Heart Cath and I then got dressed in my regular clothes, and we left and went up to to the third floor, and we went and saw my bustiest Nurse Anette, well see shes like a second mommy too me, which she is. So we then left the Hospital and went and ate at Iceberg and it was very good. Well and then the Hospital calls my Mom and my Doctor told her too take me back too the Hospital, so we both went back too the Hospital. And they said too us that we forgotten too do my Echo and EKG. Well so we did it and and my Echo was very good, but my EKG was A little off cause my heart was beating too fast. Well any ways Then Dr.Everett came in and told us that my Heart Cath, and it went Prefect she said, well as if you know she told us that this Heart Cath was so post too tell her when I can go Home. Well so any ways Dr.Everett said that we might get too go Home at the end  of February or the beginning of March, but she's not quit shore yet. Well so that's about it for know , and just too let you guys know that I well Blog as soon as I can. Well so ya any ways. Oh and I just want too wish you guy's a Happy Valentines Day.

This Is What Has Been Going On For Last Few Day's

Well this is whats has been going on for the last week. Well first of all I got sick again, and so my Mom called  Emily The Transplant Cordinator, and she told my Mom too take me too the Hospital and so we went too the Hospital and they had too do some tests, like  a Trout Swab and then i had too have a Flu test, and it really hurt. Cause they had too put a Tube up my nose and it hurt really bad. Well and then I had my Heart Cath on Friday and so me and my mom got up and we both were getting ready and we  got dressed and all ready too go, I took all my Medicine, checked my Blood Pressure, and my Temperature, and wrote it down in my Heart, and Medicine Check Book, that I have been have too use sense I first got home from the Hospital. So then we left our house and went to the Hospital Primary Children's Hospital. Well so we went and went    in  too the same day surgery and......