Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Only Way From Here Is To Go Up

On May 17th at school, I was starting to get sick to my Stamoach. I couldn't keep my Anti- Rejection Medicane Down, cause I was Throwing Up. By wednesday I was really sick, and we went to the ER in St.George, they were going to send me Home casue they thought I had a Stamach Virious,But my mom kept elling them there was something worng with me , and then finally a doctor did a aultra- sound, and found a llare mass in my abodommen. They told my Mom, and then she statred freaking out and she told them to call Primarys , then they Life Flitted up to Primary's Children's Medical Center that night. 

Thats when Dr.Nicholas met me , I really don't remember cause I was So sick, So all these docotor came in and out eplaining that it had to be taking out, the surgean 
Dr.Rollins wanted to go in and try to take the whole tumor out,but with all my history, the onocolgists wanted to just Biopsey it. I was still too sick to know what was going on and I hurt so bad, so they added me onto surgrrey for the 19th. Dr.Rollins led the surgrey team,began to do a byopsy, when he got in my tummy it looked like he could get the whole thing out so he cutted a bigger 
spot, thats when he found that it was attached to my stamoch, my colun, and my paceruase,so he took the biopsy,then we had to wait for the patholagy report. It was a long wait and it took till the 25 of may to find out what it was and what they could do. 
On the 26th of may in  the evening theytook me into surgrey and found not one mass , but two and they had to take part of my stomach, part pancerous, and pat of my choln 
with the larger mass, and the smaller tumor the had too take part of my jajunmen. They put me in the PICU for 1 day and then the next day back to the 
surgical unit to my favorite nurses and doctors. Dr.Rollins and Dr.Whipple,Dr.Evritt made extra sure I was taken care and nothing wrong could go again. And then I couldn't eat, and they placed alot of PICC LInes cause mine keept getting Infected. And my sweet mom and Brother stayed with me I was on TPN and Lippids for about 2 weeks cause my stamach coulndn't handdle food and they put in a NJ tube. Dr.Rollins came in every day and  explained every thing thats going wrong with me to me and my mom. they couldn't get all the cells of the timor so the oncolagist came in and explained what they could do. With these dismoid masses sometimes surgrey can make them come back faster, sometime chemo can slow them down, but I guess they well always come back. 
They wanted to start me on Chemo as soon as possible, but they wanted me to frist feel better from the surgey, wich didn't happen really fast. they wanted to start me befor I left but i was still to siick, I would better then worse, I could eat ice Chips the i got sick and had pancretitis. So I got to finallyy go home with the NJ tube, PICC LInee and a Cook Drain in my Pancerus on friday the 17th of june , I couldn't real well my mom was afraid to take me home, but with insurance they wouldn't pay for any longer in thee hospitial and the cook drain. I couldn't walk very good and couln't get out of bed alone. we had a hospitial ed in the front room, my mom and brother , and sister had to help me. 
I got stronger every day and was on sosyn antibiotic and tube feedings. By wednesday the 22nd, I was starting to feel strong enogh to walk to the bathroom but still needed help to get of the tolit. I went to doctor nygard in ST'George on thursday but by then i wasn't feeling good. but by sunday 26 of june we were  life flited back up to salt lake. By this time insted of the 2 bacterias i had , i know had 5. So I went to the PICU and had to go to the huntsmen center for some test to place a stent in my pacaraus.I ended back on the 3rd floor but in the green hall (the Medical Unit) and my mom fraked out again, cause I was in the wrog unit, so the but me in the treatment room onn the surical floor. I was reallt sick I still couldn't eat, I was on so much medication, a doctor would come in and said i could eat and then DR.Rollins came in and told me I couldn't.  They still didn't want me to start chemo. I finaly got moved across the hall after 2 weeks to a real room. Jacqueline, Lamar and Micheal helped my mom the whole time.
I then Was Moved to the Rahab Floor (Nero Science Trama Unit), Cause I had to do PT, OT, and Speech Threapy. And I was There For About 3 Weeks.
And I got Stronger and Stronger, I was moved back up to The Surgical Floor. And Then on 8/5/11 on my Blog I Posted:

So.... I'am Still in the Hospitial, and today I had Speech Thearapy, it was Fun, and then I was bored so i Decided to clean my Room, and then i went acrossed the hall andwent and saw my Heart Buddy Kadience, cause she was admited here yesterday at about 5p.m., but she doing good know... :)
Bad News.... 

So two days, ago my surgrey doctor came in and told me i could eat,cause i couldn't eat for 2 mounths,so i ate for the first time and it was really wired. And then about a hour ago my nurse came in and told me I Couldn't eat.... So Know I'm on clear liquids.

So I Got to Go Home on Augest 8th ,I was so happy.