Monday, March 31, 2014

What's Been Going For Last Couple Week's

Well It Was My Birthday On March, 22. I Turned The Big One, 21. I Went Too Mesquite, And I Gambled, And Ordered A Virgin Fuzzy Navel. So I Had A Great Birthday. On Wednesday I Had Extremely Chest Pain, So My Mom Took Me Too The ER, Because The Chest Pain Wouldn't Go Away. So I Was At The ER, And They Shot Some Nitroglycerin In My I.V. And Gave Some Pain Medicine And Then My Blood Dropped Too 79/55, So They Decided Too Life Flight Me. They Did An Emergency Angiogram In The Morning About 9:00 A.M. Because We Got There Like At 2:00 In The Morning. So They Did An Angiogram And It Was Clean. So They Found Out That I Did A Little Bit Too Much In Physical Therapy, So I Got Discharged The Next Morning. It Took Me 2 Day's Too Recuperate, But I'm Good. So Know Me And My Mom Are Staying At Ronald McDonald House.