Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What My Mom Wrote About Me....

My daughter Megan, has had 20 years of fighting to live.. So many doctors have made so many mistakes, but she has survived. (1993) Born weighing 765 grams, (1996) at age 3 diagnosed with Leukemia with which her father left the family three months later. (2005) At age 12 had a mild concussion resulting in psychiatric treatment, which brought out the (2002-2003)sexual abuse of a "trusted neighbor" that had lasted almost 1 1/2 years at age 10 thru 11. However looking back, the heart was enlarged in imaging at the time of the concussion.. At that time no one disclosed that info.Was administered many behavioral medications that "can" affect the heart. (2007) In November, was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy "Chemo therapy induced" which she needed a heart transplant. December (2007) Two days after the news, she witnessed a murder at a restaurant sitting about 10 feet from this tragedy. September 2, 2008 Megan received her Heart. In September 2010 she began getting very sick..every month at the Dr.s and ER, but all the diagnosis was "its all in her head" "she's wanting attention" or "I was wanting the attention" in May of 2011, luckily, a Dr. did one ultrasound on her abdomen. Resulting in two Fibromytosis Desmoid Tumors. y then they had grown threw her pancreas. stomach, colon , and small intestine. She had surgeries from then until February of 2012. In October of 2012 she was ill again, took her to the local hospital in St. George , Utah and the Dr. was a partner of her Dr. admitted her for hydration. She had headaches from this and he decided to treat her for migraines. I insisted she did not have them, and also insisted he check with the Heart Transplant Team and the pharmacist before he give her any medication for anything. He gave her migraine medication over a 5 day period then he had an injection of DHE 45 on October 26, 2012 she went directly into Cardiac Arrest. This medication is contra indicated for Cardiac pts. Two days later she was in need of a second Heart Transplant. In December they assessed her and denied her in January 2013 to list her for reasons I feel invalid, and I have proof of that. They forgot to inform us they could re assess her at a later time. She gave up and decided to do what they had told her would happen, and that was to die. She quit eating and her weight was down to 74 lbs. So until April 2013 we did not know they could re asses her until then. We had given up. Then they her that she needed to be treated for an Eating Disorder and be diagnosed Mentally stable. I took her to UCLA and she completed there list at the end of July 2013. From the October Cardiac Arrest she has had 6 stents placed in her heart. She went back to the transplant team and told them she had completed what they requested of her to re asses her again on August 15, 2013. They informed her at that time they would be waiting until 
January to decide if they would re asses her. She felt so bad. Two days later, on August 17, 2013, Megan suffered a massive sub dermal hemorrhage. The St. George Utah told me it was over, they flew her to Las Vegas and one week later back to Utah because of her heart. She has some physical limitations she is working on, but has been back to the Transplant Team and again asked them to re asses her.. She told me ' I want a new heart, I want to live and go back to college and someday get married" They now want to transition her to the adult team in Utah. The Utah Adult Team will not assess her in reference to a note from the Cardiology Dr at Primary Childrens. This was unfair, they told us they agreed not to send anything but Meg's medical records and let any Team have their own opinion. 

We need help.. The insurance we have will not go outside of Utah and the premiums are $1019.00 a month it is COBRA She is on Utah Medicaid, but that has not went to UCLA nor to Las Vegas. We need to help this young woman to live.. I have told the Dr.s " It is not for me, she is the one that these things have changed her life. I have just tried to change my life to help her. Please get this story out. If you would ask your employees, friends, family, and all your business acquaintances to donate to Megan $2.00 it would be a tax write off and then she might have a chance.Please make any donations to Megansheartforlife Supplementary Trust Fund @ Village Bank in Saint George, UT 294 East Tabernacle St. St. George, UT 84770 Telephone #435-674-5200 Thank you so very much Paula and Megan. Check out a story on Megan in "The Salt Lake Tribune" December 24, 2011! There are several stories about her in the ST. George Spectrum. Another way you can donate is throw pay pal just search Paula Birk.