Monday, September 15, 2008

Getting Ready To Leave The Hospitial

Well today the doctor's came in and said Megan you are leaving the Hospital to go to the Ronald House on Wednesday. And I was so proud, well then the Doctors said now you are going to be on a lot of Medicine and you have to make shore you take on time or you well get really sick and you might end up in PICU. So they gave me this binder that shows my times when to take my Medicine, and the Doctor's said I well be going home with my PIC LINE cause I had to be on some IV Medication, but then they changed their mind about that. It's really frustrating cause they keep changing every thing, but they told me not to be worried about it. But, I still worried alot it's just that's the kind of person I'am. Well Holly which is the Child Specialist is helping me make a Scedurale for when I get home, Cause It's for Medicines, OT, PT, Home School, and Home Health. And It really sucks cause I have to go home with a Feeding Tube, which is going to be really hard, cause the way my Feeds are is really confusing. But the good thing is that I know how to work the Feeding Pump so might not be too bad. And I'm going to go home with a Wheel Chair too. And lot's of other things too, Well on Friday I had a Heart Cath, and it didn't go good It was really scary cause I wouldn't wake up and I guess I was not Breathing and some other stuff too, but know I'm ok. And one More good news is Daxton got his Breathing Tube out, I'm so happy for him. Well I have to go and I well Blog later, I might not Blog till I leave the Hospital cause I'm going to be really busy, so I well Blog when I get every thing done and go to the Ronald House. So ya see ya later.

I'm Going Home To The Ronald House

Well I'm so sorry I haven't Blogged for a while, it's just I have been getting ready too go home at the Ronald House. Cause as you know I got my new Heart. Well now I have to go to PT, which I hate, So I well Blog latter see ya.