Friday, January 23, 2009

This Is What Has Been Going On For Last Few Day's

Well this is what has happened the few past days. Well on Tuesday I went and saw Julian and we talked about, well so we started talking. And she said "know Megan you need too stop doing this you have too try too get it out of your head or you well need to go too a Treatment Center for me to get help" But we are working it out and trying too find out how too stop it, so that's a good thing. well and then me and Julian we were talking about more stuff.  Anyways and then me and her had too talk about my niece jewels which is about some bad stuff with Jewels my niece. So we did do that and it went really really pretty good but very sad too, so know we are just going too make shore that Jewels is OK now. So we both finally got all done talking. and know Dr.Hendricks works at a Mental Treatment Center called Wasatch Canyons. And then me and my mom,sister Jacqueline, and my brother Lamar well we drove down too Price too pick up Jewels, and visit my Family exceptionally my Grandma because she has been sick and had A stroke. And then we drove back up too Salt Lake and we had Jewels with us,it was really fun with my Niece Jewels, we had so much fun. Well and my Grandma and Grandpa came up her and picked her up yesterday, I wished she could of stayed longer but she didn't. Well and then today me and my mom went too and had too talked too Dr.Heindrick's, well we talked and my mom left and me and him talked about some stuff like about my mood and things were going, and what my feelings were about what me and Julian has been talking about, Do we then finally got done Talking, and then he said had too change my Medicine so he did ,and he had too increase my Medicine and said if this thoughts keep getting worse more then he well have too add another Depressant Medication.Well that's about it ,I Well blog again soon.