Thursday, March 19, 2009

Theis Is What Has Been Going On Sense I Came Home

Well I'm so so so sorry i haven't blogged for a very long time. Its just that i have been busy with me going home and finally going back too school. Well so know I have been home for 3 Week's as of tomorrow which is going to be a Friday.Well so this is what has been going on sense i have been home, first we keep moving too all this houses so we have place too sleep and stuff, just too let you guys know we are not POOR YET which is a good thing for know. So well we had no more place too live at so we had too stay in a hotel for a while,and then we got kicked out of the Mooter Home, but its still OK cause we are living in this house, and its a really wired house I have ever seen in my whole in tire life just too be serious. Anyways so know were living in the wired house, but we did find a house too buy which is so so existing, and so that's about it for know, so I well Blog again later.