Saturday, April 4, 2009

All About My Heart Cath On Last Friday And My White Count Is To Low

Well last Friday I had my heart Cath done. And well so me and my mommy went into the same day surgery and they called me and then i got all ready too go in the Cath lab, so i went in asked them if i could page Holly the Child Specialist, and so they did. And well so the Doctors and Nurses putted my IV in first before I went in, and then I got Scared and was crying and my Mom said " hunny why are you crying sweety". And I said " Because I like it when they do everything the same way they always do , cause the nurse was going too give me some Medicine and said too my that this is never the way it's soapiest too be. And so my Mommy said too the Nurse that she doesn't need that, So the Nurse said OK then. So I told her that the smelling i wanted to be Root Beer in the Anastasia mask, and she said OK. and I then went finally asleep. Well so I guess waked up around 2 o'clock, and I woke up and just said my Mommy I want too wacth my new CD/DVD Jonas Brothers DVD. And she said OK. And the funny thing was I guess when I was Asleep my butted my ear phones in my Ear and she  said that I was listening too my New CD of Hannah Montana: The Movie Soundtrack, which was kind of funny.So we got all done with my Heart Cath and I then got dressed in my regular clothes, and we left and went up to the First Floor too Cardiology too Dr.Everett. Well so we went and  did my Echo and it  was very good and Prefect, also my EKG. And so then I went too clinic the next day and Michelle and Dr.Everett said that my Prograf Level was still very messed up, So know I like two different dose at Night and Morning. And then they told me and my Mommy that my White Count went back down too 2.4 from 4.2, and 2.4 is not good. So ya anyways, and I'm Sixteen Years Old.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

It Was My Sixteenth Brithday

ok well so theis is whats been going on for ther last week. Well know I am Sixteen years old, I truned sixteen on the 22 of March which was a Sunday. And put see I have been Home all theis time and so I had A blood test on the 20th of March and so they checked my Prograf Level and it was really, really High. So then they checked it again on Monday but we didnt get the results back, so I think they sent the results up to Primarys for Dr.Evritt too check and see the Results. And Well and My Blood Presure was being Really wired last week, but know it is alot better. Well so on my Brithday It wasen't a sweet Sixteen, But it was really fun and Stuff. So know here's a New old Post for everything thats been going on again. I know I haven't been Posting for a very, very, very long time Iam so, so, so Sorry..... Well theis is what I got for my Brithday. Heres a List of what I got. Miley Cyrus Breakout Platinum Edition CD,Hannah Montana: The Movie Soundtrack,Demi Lovato Don't Forget [Deluxe Edition],Jonas Brothers: Bonus Jonas Edition, And Concert Ticket's too go see The Jonas Brothers,(Stadium Of Fire:Jonas Brothers Lavell Edwards Stadium Provo,UT Saterday 7/4/2009 8:00 PM. The Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009 Las Vegas, NV Saterday Aug 1, 2009 7:30 PM. Well so ya I had a great Brithday.