Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kaidence Got Her New Heart

Kaidence Got Her New Heart on  Augest 13th, 2012.

This is For You Kaidence and Your Mom.

Hey It's Megan And Paula, We are So Happy For Kaidence that she got a heart, we love You. HUGS , KISSES , LOVE AND PRAYS. <3 p="p">

Garage Sale/Fundraiser (316 S 2450 E #30 St. George,Utah)

There is a fundraiser for Megan Birk tomorrow thru Saturday. Aug 23 12 noon - 5 pm, Aug 24th 7:30 am - 5 pm, Aug 25th 7:30 - 5 pm. Various great items and great deals. All proceeds donated to Megan's Heart For Life Supplimentary Fund. All donations are appreciated at Village Bank St. George Branch.

What's Been Going On For the Past 2 -3 Mounth's

Well, I graduated high school in May, then I got sick and was Admitted to Primary Children's For Having C- Diff. I having admitted to Primary Children's For Relapsed C- Diff For the past 3 Months. I was Admitted on June 12- July 4th, Cause of Puking and not keeping my Med's Down, and when I was in the Hospital they test for C- Diff, and of course it was Positive, They had to put me NPO for like 2 week's cause my Feeding tube was staying in i kept throwing it up. So I was on TPN and Lipid's for a long time, then I was getting better slowly.

When I was in the Hospital my Heart buddy's came to visit me, Miabella and Abby. It was Abby's 1 year Anniversary of her new Heart Transplant.
After I got discharged, I went down to Price Utah, to visit my grandparent's and I got Sick again, but insted of life Flight my mom just drove up to SLC, and i was admitted for only 1 day, that was the fastest hospital stay in my whole in tire life.

So Know I am doing really good. I well post again soon.