Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's Been Going On For the Past 2 -3 Mounth's

Well, I graduated high school in May, then I got sick and was Admitted to Primary Children's For Having C- Diff. I having admitted to Primary Children's For Relapsed C- Diff For the past 3 Months. I was Admitted on June 12- July 4th, Cause of Puking and not keeping my Med's Down, and when I was in the Hospital they test for C- Diff, and of course it was Positive, They had to put me NPO for like 2 week's cause my Feeding tube was staying in i kept throwing it up. So I was on TPN and Lipid's for a long time, then I was getting better slowly.

When I was in the Hospital my Heart buddy's came to visit me, Miabella and Abby. It was Abby's 1 year Anniversary of her new Heart Transplant.
After I got discharged, I went down to Price Utah, to visit my grandparent's and I got Sick again, but insted of life Flight my mom just drove up to SLC, and i was admitted for only 1 day, that was the fastest hospital stay in my whole in tire life.

So Know I am doing really good. I well post again soon.

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