Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Favorite TV Show J.O.N.A.S

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I'm So Sorry I Haven't Been Blogging, This Is What's Been Going On

Well this is whats been going on for the last mounth. First I went too an Appointment at the end of April and It was a Great Appointment. They just checked out too see how Thumper is doing which is my New Heart of course

they just did an ECHO CARDIOGRAM and the ECHO was great, and then the did the small check up of course you know like Listen to my heart and see how good Thumpers Ticker is working, and it was working the way it sapost too be and that was Awesome. And then they did the rest. And then decided to Seclude my next Heart Cath which is going to be on June 28. So then we did all of that. And then we went Back home to saint George.

And the next thing that I remember is that we went down to price and went and saw my Niece Jewels. And well I did have a lot of fun with Jewels it's just that right now my family of Jewels which would be Jewels Dad, Mom ,and her Grandma Davis which is her moms moms, And Grandma Paula which is jewels Dads mom and which is my mom too cause Jewels Daddy is my Brother. Well anyway and so we saw jewels from noon to 6:30 at night for about 3 day's cause she is in Custody with Jewels moms mom anyways so that was kinda of sad too see Jewels like that but it was OK at lest I got too see her. And then we Drove back home, And Stuff. I real Blog again really soon. And it well be about going too my Next Appointment,Plus I got too see one of my Heart Babies, Which was Kadeince.