Monday, July 13, 2009

Pictures Of The Jonas Brother Cocert I Went Too

I Went And Saw The JONAS BROTHERS 4th Of July Stadium Of Fire

Well we all got dressed and Ready at the Hotel in Salt Lake City It turns out that it didn't start until 8. At one point I waited around to see the boys walk from their meet and greet room to backstage, And when I went Up too see them walk By I was not even close to the gate and Then my mom Said to these boys that I Had a HEART Transplant and They said Oh My gosh you did and I'm like yep and then they me get up right to the gate and said Thank You so many Times. since there really wasn't anything happening we waited and waited but I guess The Jonas Brothers was Never coming so then I see Big Rob walked through and The Jonas Brothers Father and Big Rob is There Body Grad and when they do come out too see there Fans they are always with him, so they didn't come but I got too see Big Rob and There Dad with was awesome, but I do know that They sure love their fans.

Then this political guy comes out on stage and before I know it little kids in red white and blue dance costumes are dancing around with disks. It was so cool and neat. And then people were throwing and playing with fire and running all over the place. And THEN these people in hats came out singing a song from the music man.It was the strangest thing I've ever seen. Oh, and then jets flew over the stadium. The stadium was so awesome looking with Red, White and Blue stars and lights. It turns out that the whole event was broadcast for over 1,000 military bases. I thought that was really wonderful :)

So after more dancing from the little kids, SHeDAISY, the opening band came out. NO ONE stood up for them. It was crazy. Actually, three girls in about... 3rd row all the way over were dancing around for half the songs, but I think I was the only one how wanted to stand up but my twin sister didn't want too so I was too Scared but my sweet Jewels was Jumping up and down it so adorable. Anyway, after they played four songs and left the stage, the strange political man came back on stage and made us all pray and then sing some patriotic songs to the giant flag that they put up it was really wired cause last Year when I went too the Stadium of Fire For Miley Cyrus With my Mom And Twin Sister Jacqueline we didn't do any thing like that we just sang the Nathanial Athum. 

Then right before the boys came out, girls rushed to the stage! And I asked my Mom what was going on and she said the JONAS BROTHERS are Coming. And I ran up there and everyone was Pushing but I was Small enough to squeezed be tween kids so I Finally got to the Stage and I was throw it. It was so,so,so cool, I'm so glad I am A tiny little sweet Shrimp.You know the performance where Joe fell in front of millions of people on national television? ;) well remember how the girls RUSHED the stage at the beginning? (that was planned for that performance) That was exactly what it was like for this concert. But I figured they'd make everyone go back, right? NOPE. There was this HUGE crowd of people. And THEN after all the children rushed the stage in clouding me, all of the Mom's decided to stand on their chairs. I really felt like I was in one of my Dreams I had about The Jonas Brothers Except it was Real I so amazed trow out the whole Concert. They NEVER let people rush the stage anymore. 

 But Jewel's Was Sitting with my Mom and  standed on a chair and was having a Blast my Mom Told me... of course security made people get down, But they let her Standed up. Kevin didn't see me, but I was on Nick's and Joe's Side and Kevin kind of in the middle but right next to the Stage And I recorded all of Them Mostly Joe cause he was so close to me And My Twin Sister She Recorded most of the Concert she is a Really a Great Recorder. Thanks Sissy. But Joe did     definitely saw me alot of times and I think he smiled to me a Couple time I almost touched him and almost held my Hand it didn't happen but that's OK, I was like 4 inches away from his feet, it was so Amazing.

And Joe! He smiled for most of the concert. As I said, it Was a Dream come true the Whole intire thing was a dream come true. All of the backup band was too far away to try and get looks from. RIGHT after the boys left the stage, the fireworks started :) AND DEFYING GRAVITY WAS PLAYING OVER THE SPEAKERS DURING THE FIREWORKS!!! It was perfection. Then they place burned the flag they had been using for years since it had a lot of holes in it. It was really beautiful :)  it was so amazing. It was one of the best 4th of July I have ever had. And my Mom buy ed me a Jonas Brother Shirt and A Jonas Brother Tour Book and my Sister A Sweeter and My Niece a Shirt it was so much Fun, Thank You Mom. This was my Dream Come True And It Came True :)

We Went Too Price Too Pick Up Jewels

So then a Couple days later we drove down too price too pick up my Niece Jewels too take her with us up too Provo, Utah for the 4th of July. So we got her stuff all packed and ready to go, and then she good Bye to her Grandma Davis and Grandpa Davis and We had A Big Surprise for her and Me it was because we well not see her again for a Very, Very long time. And this Surprise was one of my Main Birthday Presents I always wanted And Was That We Are going To See THE JONAS BROTHER"S For The Stadium Of Fire. OMG ThE JoNaS BrOtHeRs :) :) :) :) 
OMJ (Oh My Jonas) This was The Second Best Of My Life, Because The First Best Day Of My Life Was When I Got My New HEART. And this was the Second. OMG OMG OMG..... I Well Blog After The JONAS BROTHER CONCERT.

Well The Next Day We Get A Phone Call By Dr.Emily Thr Heart Transplant Cordanator

Well then the next day that we were leaving to go to Saint George. We get a Phone Call by Emily And She Said "Hi Paula this is Emily i just wanted to tell you that Megan's  biopsy was perfect it was a  110 just do the changes we discussed in clinic and then we well see you on the appointment date we just set up thank you." And then right after my mom herd that voice mail me and her were like yes yes. Hurray