Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm Going Back Down Too Price For My Sweet Jewels.

Well tomorrow, me and my Family are going down to Price again, down in Carbon County, and we well be going to go see my Niece Jewels, and my wonderful hard,stressful family. It's mostly for Jewels, well cause it's Christmas and I have been missing her so,so,so much We well have Lot's of fun I hope, and I can't wait too see her cause, she misses me so much and she well be so, so, so, so happy and excited. Well we are going to wake up in the morning and me,my twin sister Jacqueline, my brother Lamar, and my mom are going to get up in the morning, we well all get dressed and get ready to leave and I well take my Medicine and all of that stuff, then we well start on the go to Price. I well be in Price till about on Sunday night. we well drive back up to Salt Lake and well spend the rest of the day home in Salt lake and I can't wait till we get back cause it's the next new episode of Hanna Montana, and I love Hanna Montana, and Miley Cyrus, so I can't wait it well be Lot's of fun. And just to let you all know I well try to Blog when I get home, but it deepens if I have some time, and how things are going, so know I'm going to get in bed so I can wake up early in the morning so I have enough time to do every thing and get everything done Monday morning, and most very, very, very unimportant my Health stuff that I have to do every morning, So ya well now I'm going to take my Medicine and stuff. well have sweet dreams and good night. Zzzzzzz. And Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year.

All About My Wonderful Christmas.

Well on Thursday wicth was Christmas, well it went really petty good, but i think I got too many Presents wicth I shouldn't of had that Many. Well this is what happened on Christmas morning me ,my sister Jacqueline, My brother Lamer, and my Mommy. Well we all first waked up and I first had to do and take all my Medicine, checked my Blood Pressure, and my Temperature, and wrote it down in my Heart, and Medicine Check Book, that I have been have too use sense I first got home from the Hospital still, don't forget that ether. Well then me and my Family went by our Christmas bush instead of a tree, well this year we decided to have a Christmas bush instead. Well me ,my Sister,brother, and my mommy. Well we started too open our presents and this is what i got for Christmas. I got some really cute shirts,pants ,and even pajamas. And I also got the first season of Hannah Montana, the Baby Mama DVD. And I got the Cd's from The Jonas Brother's and Their New Album "A Little Bit Longer", Taylor Swift, and even David Archuleta wicth is really cool couse I get too meet him. I even got Gift cards to Jcpenny's,FYE,Old Navy and some other places too, and even some money of my very own. Well so that's all and I loved every thing I got. So well ya any ways I hope the other Heart Babies had A very wonderful and Great Christmas exspeacialy the babies that are in the Hospital now. Well Merry Christmas too everyone and A Happy New Year.

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Sweet Heart Baby Kaidence

My little Beautiful Heart Baby Kaidence has been having another hard little time in her wonderful beautiful life. Know her wonderful, beautiful new perfect heart is getting really sick again. Every one please pray for my little Heart Friend she really needs it and especially her Mom and family. Kaidence is a very strong little girl and if she can go throw all the stuff that happened in her past, and made it then she can go throw this Rejection, and I know she is a very, very, very strong little girl. And Shauntelle please tell my sweet little Kaidence that I love her very much, And that I'm very sorry. But if you really want to know that I know she well make it and she is a very, very strong little girl and i love her very much, so every one please pray for her please, and she is really sick. And I love you Kadience and your wonderful familey, and Kadeince was there for me so know I'm going too be there for you my Sweetheart Kadience too. Love you and Merry Christmas.

Gift Of A Heart

The Stephenson family is attempting to pay forward all the kindness they received last Christmas when their 10-month-old daughter received a new heart. Kaidence Stephenson, now 22 months old, was born healthy in February 2007, said her mother, Shauntelle Stephenson. But in August, the Bountiful family learned Kaidence had a serious heart problem On Dec. 23, 2007, a heart from another child was placed inside Kaidence's chest and began beating for her."Words can't express your feelings," said Mike Stephenson, her father. "Your child is going to get a chance at life, while at the same time grief washes over you, because a poor family had to lose a child so yours can live."When the couple learned a heart had been found, they immediately knelt down to pray for the family whose child died."It is a forever bittersweet feeling," said Shauntelle Stephenson."Another family chose to give to save you from the heartbreak of losing your child."That family is in the Stephensons' thoughts daily as they express gratitude for being together this Christmas."You can't beat the Christmas gift we got last year, but we get to be together this year," Mike Stephenson said.The Stephensons count their blessings as they look for ways to return random acts of kindness to neighbors and family members.They said it was the community support that helped them get through the roller coaster ride of their daughter's health problems after her heart condition was discovered. "Meals came in every other night, after we came home until March," Shauntelle Stephenson said. "Our roof was leaking, and we came home to find our neighbors had stripped it and were putting new shingles on. Packages showed up at the doorstep, and a jar full of money with the book, 'Christmas Jar' was there one night."Kaidence's heart problems began following a summer vacation in Idaho.Shauntelle Stephenson took Kaidence and her sons, McCaden, now 7, and Camden, now 4, to visit family in Idaho in July 2007. Everyone came down with a stomach virus."A few weeks later I knew something was really wrong," she said about Kaidence.Her daughter's cry was soft and weak, plus her cough did not sound normal. She took Kaidence to the doctor, who sent her to Lakeside Hospital in Bountiful. They sent her to Primary Children's Medical Center.Kaidence was diagnosed with myocarditis, an inflammation of the middle layer of the heart wall, which is usually caused by a viral infection.In October 2007, the Stephensons realized their daughter was getting worse. She was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy -- an enlarged heart -- which can be caused by myocarditis."She was throwing up all night," Shauntelle Stephenson said.Doctors admitted Kaidence back in the hospital and on Oct. 29 when it looked bleak, Primary Children's medical staff installed outside of her small body a Berlin Heart, a mechanical "bridge-to-transplant" device created for use in pediatric patients. It did the pumping for the left side of Kaidence's heart, her mother said.The hospital had to receive permission from the Food and Drug Administration to use the device for compassionate use, because the agency has not approved it.The equipment was flown in from Germany, and two doctors also traveled from two other countries to Primary Children's to train the medical staff on how to put it in and how to care for Kaidence, Shauntelle Stephenson said."Kaidence was the first one in Utah to use it," she said. The pump was to help the infant until she became healthier or another heart was found for her.Everything was going well, until the right side of her heart started failing in December.The Stephensons knew they had two options: Hook a pump to the right side of the heart or hope for a heart transplant.Now as they prepare for Christmas, the Stephensons can only talk about how grateful they are to have their only daughter home with their sons this year, even though medical bills keep piling up."We have great insurance," Shauntelle Stephenson said. "But a transplant is a financial obligation that never ends. We pay $600 a month in co-pay for her anti-rejection medication. Without insurance it would cost us $10,000 a month."Kaidence is at the age where she's not too sure what Christmas is all about, her parents said. Hanging up high in the tree is an ornament that someday will be special to her.The silver heart with a red-jeweled heart in the center is engraved with 2007 and for now, it is a special ornament for her parents.Kaidence does like the lights on the tree and enjoys candy canes. Her family is not attending as many Christmas events as they have in the past in order to protect the tiny girl from cold and flu viruses that could easily kill her.They have gone to church and school Christmas parties, because they want to show others how well she is doing.But the downside is they worry."Every time someone coughs you're looking over your shoulder, trying to keep her away," Mike Stephenson said. "But everyone else was a part of it, supporting us and encouraging us with all their prayers."Kaidence, who likes to play cars with her 4-year-old brother, has to wear a mask when she does go out. A sign on the door asks visitors to stay away if they have a cough, runny nose or have been around anyone who is ill.And there is always the worry that her body will reject the gift inside her chest."We live every moment the best we can," Mike Stephenson said. "We'll face that stuff if and when it comes. We don't focus on that. We just enjoy every second we got with her.""We've been so blessed, we can't complain," Shauntelle Stephenson said. "This girl has a purpose." And I love her so,so,so much.So every one please,please,please help here,she'spart and my life too,so please help please.

All About Today After My Heart Cath And Clinic.

Well let me tell you about today. Well now you do know that I did have too go too Clinic cause of my Heart Cath and my Echo on Friday. Ok well so theies is what happpened today. 
Well So me and my mom first woke up and me and my mom got in the shower I got  in first then she did, and well we both got dressed and all ready too go, I took all my Medicine, and checked my Blood Pressure, and my Temperature, and wrote it down in my Heart, and Medicine Check Book, that I have been have too use sense I first got home from the Hospital, I well have too write in that Medicine Book for a very, very long time. So then we left our house and went to the Hospital Primary Children's Hospital. I first got my blood work done then I took my Medicine wicth is my Prograf, then we went to Cardiology, so they got me ready and I got my Echo, EKG and they didn't even know what to do, well we got that part done. And then Emiley and Michelle came in told me and Mommy that she checked the results and she said that it is still leaking and there is still floewed around my Heart, and thery is more flouded. Well so she told us that every thing is the same and that me and my mommy schouldn't worrie, but you know of course we do and it's just that my Heart Cath Results was a 2+ and it's aleays been a 0-1, so i really don't konw. So then I had too see Dr.Hendrickss about my Pchcractrice Medications. Well so we then finally got done with the Hospitial Primary Children's Hospitial. And so we left the Hospitial for me too go see Julian Smith cause know her Office got mived down by Troly Square, and Dr.Hendriks is going to be working at Wasacth Canyons now. Well so me and my mommy drove down too her office  and I talked too her a lot about stuff that's been happening in my  horrible, sad Life, well then me and her talked about some other bad stuff too, stuff like that I would might have too goo back too the Residential Treatment Center too get some more help, cause I having a hard time and I'm not copping good, not at all, so I have too stop what I have been doing to myself, or its not going to be OK,not at all she said. Anyways and then she told me that, me and her had too talk too my mom about something me and her talked about last Thusdayy, which is about Jewels my niece. So we did do that and it went really bad and very sad too, so know we are just going too make shore that Jewels is OK now. Well so than me and mom went and refilled all of my Medicine, and we went back up and picked it all of my Medicine up. So we finally got all done with the Hospital. So we went home and spent the rest of the day at home with my wonderful family, my twin sister, my big brother Lamar, and my wonderful Mom, so we had dinner. I took my hot warm shower and also took all of my Medication, and then I checked my Blood Pressure andTemperatureand I got ready for bed and we finally went to sleep.Zzzzzz Oh and then yesterday me and my mommy went too the movies and we went and saw the movie Bolt. It was such a very,very cute movie, and Merry Christmas.