Saturday, December 27, 2008

All About My Wonderful Christmas.

Well on Thursday wicth was Christmas, well it went really petty good, but i think I got too many Presents wicth I shouldn't of had that Many. Well this is what happened on Christmas morning me ,my sister Jacqueline, My brother Lamer, and my Mommy. Well we all first waked up and I first had to do and take all my Medicine, checked my Blood Pressure, and my Temperature, and wrote it down in my Heart, and Medicine Check Book, that I have been have too use sense I first got home from the Hospital still, don't forget that ether. Well then me and my Family went by our Christmas bush instead of a tree, well this year we decided to have a Christmas bush instead. Well me ,my Sister,brother, and my mommy. Well we started too open our presents and this is what i got for Christmas. I got some really cute shirts,pants ,and even pajamas. And I also got the first season of Hannah Montana, the Baby Mama DVD. And I got the Cd's from The Jonas Brother's and Their New Album "A Little Bit Longer", Taylor Swift, and even David Archuleta wicth is really cool couse I get too meet him. I even got Gift cards to Jcpenny's,FYE,Old Navy and some other places too, and even some money of my very own. Well so that's all and I loved every thing I got. So well ya any ways I hope the other Heart Babies had A very wonderful and Great Christmas exspeacialy the babies that are in the Hospital now. Well Merry Christmas too everyone and A Happy New Year.

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