Saturday, October 25, 2008

For What Is Happing Tomorrow Which Is A Sunday

Well tomorrow, me and my Family are going down to Price, in Carbon County, to go and see my wonderful hard,stressing family. It's for my Grandpa, it's his wonderful Birthday. We are all going to have a great breakfast, and lunch, and some very mummy, mummy wonderful cake, I can't wait. Well we are going to wake up in the morning and me,my twin sister Jacqueline, my brother Lamar, and my mom are  going to get up in the morning, we well all get dressed and get ready to leave and I well take my Medicine and all of that stuff, then we well start on the go to Price. I well be in Price till about late afternoon, we well drive back up to Salt Lake and well spend the rest of the day home in Salt lake. And just to let you all know I well try to Blog when I get home, but it deepens if I have some time, and how things are going, so know I'm going to get in bed so I can wake up early in the morning so I have enough time to do every thing, and most very, very, very inportant my Health stuff that I have to do every morning, So ya well have sweet dreams and good night. Zzzzzzz

Friday, October 24, 2008

Well I'am Going To start From Last Monday To Today

Well this is were I'm going to start, starting at last Monday. Mondays is a clinic day. So Me and my mom woke up, we got ready and I took my medicine, then we left and went to the Hospital.
I first got my my blood work done, then i went and saw and talked to Dr. Hendricks, and then we went to Cardiology, they got me ready and i got my echo and all of that stuff done, then me and my mom waited for Dr.Everett. She came in and told us that my Heart Cath went really good and my Echo Results were great. And then she said that know I only need one every month in stead of every Friday, I was so happy. Then she said that I don't need my feeding tube any more so we got that out, it was so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so exciting. And then we went and saw the eye Doctor and i have to wear glasses know. So me and my mom are going to get them tomorrow, and i might get pink or purple ones cause those are my favorite colors. So we went home and spent the rest of the day at home with my twin sister Jacqueline, and my big brother Lamar, we had dinner, and I took my Medicine, then every one got ready for bed, and then we went to bed, and we all went to sleep. Oh ya and just to let you all know that I finally got my own computer hoked up at home so know I can blog, when I have time, and all about my Heart Transplant I'm going to start writing that part, I get all of my pictures from my Transplant, when I can get them into my computer, and once I get the whole story in the order my Heart Transplant went, it might take a while to get it all done, and just to let you know that I'm so,so,so,so,so sorry I haven't done that, Well know I'm taking all of my Medicine and get ready for bed, and go too bed, and go to sleep.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Heart Cath

Well I had my Heart Cath Last Friday, and It went pretty good, well I went in at 8:00 in the morning. And then Again I had my bad episode again, I was asleep for a very long, long, long , long, long time, but the good thing was that they didn't have to put in a stunt, and they thought they were going to cause of my last Heart Cath in when I was in the Hospital. And the other very great thing was I didn't have to stay over night at the Hospital, well I woke up about 8:30 at night and then we left the Heat Cath Lab, and the very cool thing was I asked the Nurse if I could go home with my I.V. and take it out by myself, and she said yes shore you can, it was so cool. Well then we went back up to the 3rd floor and said hi to all of my friend's the sweet Nurses. Well we went to Dinner at a Greek Restaurant., it was pretty good, so we then went home. And I took all of my Medicine, and my mom got my feed's ready, we all got ready for bed and went to sleep.Zzzzz

The Plan For Everything

Well the plan is that we go to Clinic every Monday and Thursday, I get my blood work,Echo, and my check-up, and then I go and see Julian Smith and Hendricks. And then me and my mom go get my Medicine from the Pharmacy, I have Heart Cath's every Friday. Also I still have Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and still home school every week. I take my Medicine every Morning and Night, and have my feeds at night. That's all that I think I know of.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On That First Monday

Well first of all I go to Clinic every Monday and Thursday, so that Monday morning I went in to Clinic and got my Blood Draw,Echo, and Checking every thing and see how my Heart is, and it was pretty good and got all of my Medicine, oh also that morning I took all of my Medicine, and that's a good thing too. And then I went and saw and talked to Julian Smith and Dr. Hendricks. Me and my mom went too the 3rd The Children's Surgical Unit, too say hi too all of my friend's the wonderful Nurses. And then we went to the Pharmacy and went and picked up my medicine. then we went home and made dinner and we all got ready for bed and my mom got my feeds ready and then we all went to sleep.

Finally Back Home Again

Well when I got home on that Saturday, I then went too my new Apartment. And when I walked in, I was so shocked how small it was, but if you really want too know. It was like home, and was so much better then the Hospital. And so I got settled in and so did my mom. That night me and my mom was getting all of my medicine together, and oh my gosh it was so much medicine that we couldn't believe it. So we got it all together, and I was going too bathroom to get ready for Bed and then I put my medicine on my face, and flushed my NG tube. And went in and watched some TV, and then my mom said that my Family was coming up that night, which is my Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Niece Jewels, and also my one brother Lamar and my Twin sister Jacqueline. So then I went into the kicthen and took my medicine, gave me my Prednosone down my NG tube, and flushed it. And then my Family arrived, and so we talked and some Family time, and then everyone was getting to go to Bed cause it was pretty late. So I got in bed and my mom got my feeds ready and hoked them up in my NG tube, and we all went to bed and went to sleep. Zzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Getting Admitied Again

Well in the ER after the Doctor came in the room she said to my mom that they were putting me back in the Hospital on the third floor (CSU). So they can see and find out what was wrong and see if my heart was still a good heart for me. And so I was on the third floor, and I was there for a week and three days. And while I was there I got pretty sick and I had alot of my Sleeping Episodes and not waking up. Well when I had those Episodes I wouldn't wake up and everyone were so scared and confused and really alot was my mom she was very scared and sad, and really confused too she just wanted me to wake up, she thought she had lost me cause they didn't know if it was my heart or if it was that I just had to go too sleep to get all the hard and sad things to go away, and for me just to take my rest and be asleep and at least take a break from everything. Cause I think theis is why I do it, but I'm not shore if that's why cause its really out of my control and also, My Psychologist Dr.Jeremy Hendricks, and Dr.Julian Smith was there and they were really worried. They didn't know if it was a Behavioral thing, or a way just to cope. But we think why I do it, its just a good coping straitey, and it helps but its not what people do in life, and so we are now working on trying to find out what other coping skills well help, then they said that "If this never stops that I well have go back too the Residential Treatment Center for me to get help, But we are working it out and trying too find new coping skills, so that's a good thing. And so it was hard the second time too, its just that the first time they let me go home to early cause i was not strong enough to do anything and also my was so scared she didn't know really what to do to help me, at the time. And we got ever thing in order and we chanced the way to give my feeds and all the other stuff, so that was really good, And then I went to my second new home which is The Ronald McDonald Apartments, I went home on I was September 20, or the 27 of September, on a Saturday I'm not shore, but one of those days. It was I just left the Hospital too soon the first time.Thats all. And that's it that happened.