Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finally Back Home Again

Well when I got home on that Saturday, I then went too my new Apartment. And when I walked in, I was so shocked how small it was, but if you really want too know. It was like home, and was so much better then the Hospital. And so I got settled in and so did my mom. That night me and my mom was getting all of my medicine together, and oh my gosh it was so much medicine that we couldn't believe it. So we got it all together, and I was going too bathroom to get ready for Bed and then I put my medicine on my face, and flushed my NG tube. And went in and watched some TV, and then my mom said that my Family was coming up that night, which is my Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Niece Jewels, and also my one brother Lamar and my Twin sister Jacqueline. So then I went into the kicthen and took my medicine, gave me my Prednosone down my NG tube, and flushed it. And then my Family arrived, and so we talked and some Family time, and then everyone was getting to go to Bed cause it was pretty late. So I got in bed and my mom got my feeds ready and hoked them up in my NG tube, and we all went to bed and went to sleep. Zzzzzzzzz

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