Friday, October 24, 2008

Well I'am Going To start From Last Monday To Today

Well this is were I'm going to start, starting at last Monday. Mondays is a clinic day. So Me and my mom woke up, we got ready and I took my medicine, then we left and went to the Hospital.
I first got my my blood work done, then i went and saw and talked to Dr. Hendricks, and then we went to Cardiology, they got me ready and i got my echo and all of that stuff done, then me and my mom waited for Dr.Everett. She came in and told us that my Heart Cath went really good and my Echo Results were great. And then she said that know I only need one every month in stead of every Friday, I was so happy. Then she said that I don't need my feeding tube any more so we got that out, it was so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so exciting. And then we went and saw the eye Doctor and i have to wear glasses know. So me and my mom are going to get them tomorrow, and i might get pink or purple ones cause those are my favorite colors. So we went home and spent the rest of the day at home with my twin sister Jacqueline, and my big brother Lamar, we had dinner, and I took my Medicine, then every one got ready for bed, and then we went to bed, and we all went to sleep. Oh ya and just to let you all know that I finally got my own computer hoked up at home so know I can blog, when I have time, and all about my Heart Transplant I'm going to start writing that part, I get all of my pictures from my Transplant, when I can get them into my computer, and once I get the whole story in the order my Heart Transplant went, it might take a while to get it all done, and just to let you know that I'm so,so,so,so,so sorry I haven't done that, Well know I'm taking all of my Medicine and get ready for bed, and go too bed, and go to sleep.


2ndHeartBeat said...


I can't wait to read about your experiences.

Please take care.

I wish you well.

Gabby said...

*Congrats, I'm happy for you... I think I was the happiest person on the planet when they took my feedig tube out. I hope all keeps going well. Gabby*