Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Getting Admitied Again

Well in the ER after the Doctor came in the room she said to my mom that they were putting me back in the Hospital on the third floor (CSU). So they can see and find out what was wrong and see if my heart was still a good heart for me. And so I was on the third floor, and I was there for a week and three days. And while I was there I got pretty sick and I had alot of my Sleeping Episodes and not waking up. Well when I had those Episodes I wouldn't wake up and everyone were so scared and confused and really alot was my mom she was very scared and sad, and really confused too she just wanted me to wake up, she thought she had lost me cause they didn't know if it was my heart or if it was that I just had to go too sleep to get all the hard and sad things to go away, and for me just to take my rest and be asleep and at least take a break from everything. Cause I think theis is why I do it, but I'm not shore if that's why cause its really out of my control and also, My Psychologist Dr.Jeremy Hendricks, and Dr.Julian Smith was there and they were really worried. They didn't know if it was a Behavioral thing, or a way just to cope. But we think why I do it, its just a good coping straitey, and it helps but its not what people do in life, and so we are now working on trying to find out what other coping skills well help, then they said that "If this never stops that I well have go back too the Residential Treatment Center for me to get help, But we are working it out and trying too find new coping skills, so that's a good thing. And so it was hard the second time too, its just that the first time they let me go home to early cause i was not strong enough to do anything and also my was so scared she didn't know really what to do to help me, at the time. And we got ever thing in order and we chanced the way to give my feeds and all the other stuff, so that was really good, And then I went to my second new home which is The Ronald McDonald Apartments, I went home on I was September 20, or the 27 of September, on a Saturday I'm not shore, but one of those days. It was I just left the Hospital too soon the first time.Thats all. And that's it that happened.

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Gabby said...

*Megan, I'm glad to read you're doing better. Hope things keep ngetting btter for you!*~Gabby