Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Me Back In The Hospitial

I'm so sorry that I haven't been Bloging It's just that Lot's of Bad things been happing, and here is what happened. Well I left the Hospital on a Wednesday I think it was like two week's ago, and went home to the Ronald McDonald Home, and didn't go home with the PICC LINE. But the only thing I went home with is my Feeds and Feeding Tube, I still have to have that. Well when I left the Hospital I was really week, but the Doctor's thought I was really strong cause how good my New Heart was doing. So that night the Home Health Care had to come at 6:00 p.m. They didn't come till 10:00 and my mom called them at 7:00 and the nurse said to my mom that she could bush all of my Feeds with a Syringe, and my mom said to the nurse that my feeds had to go in the only hour the the Doctor's told us to. And she said no it well be fine, so my mom did what the nurse told her to do, and then I got really sick to my tummy and I was plugged up in my tummy wicth is not a good thing. Well then,I don't know if it was Wednesday Night or Thursday Night, I asked my mom if I could take a Bath and she said shure so she made my Bath Tub and she was helping me in and i got in but i was standing up, and my mom said "So Megan how can we sit you down in the bath tub, How did the nurse do it ?" And i said " Mommy I've never been in a bath tub yet." My mom said I think we can do this" so we started sitting down and then I slipped or Fell down and the my mommy fell. I'm not shure if i fell or slipped. Well I was screaming and crying cause I tired to caucth my self and other thing's like hurting my New Heart and Hurting my Chest also. So my mom got me out of the tub and helped me on too the bed, so she went to get my Blood Pressure Testing thing and my Blood Pressure was really High exceptionally my Heart Rate. So she looked at me and saw that I was in a lot of Pain and was Breathing really fast. So she called the Primary Children's Hospital Operator, and she asked him for the Heart Transplant Coordinator. And the Operator asked My Mom what the problem was and she kept telling him that I'm a Heart Transplant Patient, And so he just wouldn't lisson to my mom so she just asked him "What schould I do". And he said " Just take her to the EMERGENCY Room, so we drove to Primary Children"s Hospital into the Emergency Department. And went in, and my Mom told them what happend, and they checked my Blood Pressure, Temperature, and all the other things they do. So then they did that, and my Mom let them know that I was a Heart Transplant Patient, and that I couldn't be with all of the other kid's. So the Nurse put me in a different room so I was the only Patient in that certain room with my mom and sister. And I was in alot of pain, and my mom told them that I was in alot of pain, and that I needed some Pain Medicine, so we waited and waited, and then they finally got me some. So then they did some X-Ray test of my sholder and chest, so then we went back into the Room and A Doctor came in and told my mom that they were having A hard time figuring out what is really wrong with me, And then she said....

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aj said...

Hi Megan - There are a lot of us out here still reading this blog and praying for you!!

Keep your chin up!! Hope you feel better soon and start to really improve!