Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm Going Back Down Too Price For My Grandma Cause She Is Really Sick.

Well tomorrow, me and my Family are going down to Price again, down in Carbon County, and we well be going to go see my Niece Jewels, my Grandma and my wonderful hard,stressful family. It's mostly for my Grandma, well because my Grandma is very, very sick and nobuddy knows why, but she does but she wont tell no one any thing. And i'm very worried because i dont know what too do,well ya any ways. Well just let you guys know that we are going to wake up in the morning and me,my twin sister Jacqueline, my brother Lamar, and my mom are going to get up in the morning, take a shower and we well all get dressed and get ready to leave and I well take my Medicine and all of that stuff, then we well start on the go to Price. I well be in Price till about Saterday or Sunday night. we well drive back up to Salt Lake and well spend the rest of the day at home in Salt lake and I really want too  help my Grandma but she won't let any know or anything about anything, she sounds horriable like she's very sick, she talk too any one,and I think my Grandma had a Stroke, but I'm not shure. And just to let you all know I well try to Blog when I get back home, but it deepens if I have some time too, and how things are going, so know I'm going to get in bed so I can wake up early in the morning so I have enough time to do every thing and get everything done in the morning, and most very, very, very important thing is my Health and Heart Mediciane and all that other stuff that I have to do every morning, So ya well now I'm going to take my Medicine and go too bed. well have sweet dreams and good night. And Please Pray for my Sweet Grandma. Zzzzzzz

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