Wednesday, October 10, 2012


That night I got a Seizure right out of the blue, my mom was not home only my brother, and I don't remember much of it I would have to ask my brother to tell me the full story, all he told me was that he came down stair's and I guess I was on the floor, and i wouldn't wake up and so he called Jerry, my mom very good Friend, and he said to me that while he was talking to Jerry telling him what happened, I guess  i started having a seizure, so he called 911, and the paramedics came and than the last thing i remember is waking up the next morning at home in my mom's bed.

 The Next Morning, I woke up and my boyfriend was home with me taking care of me and making sure I was okay , but I guess he was upstairs and he came down stair's and fawned me having another seizure, So the Paramedic's came again and got me And they new who i was from the night before. So the last  thing I remember is waking up in the hospital bed and freaking out cause i didn't know what happened and how i got there. So the next morning i was discharged and sent home. And I'm doing allot better. They are going to do more test, and see what exactly caused this , so far they think is was my heart, so I have an appointment set for Primary Children's in the 18th of October. Hope there is NO REJECTION.

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