Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Need A New Heart

I received a heart transplant in September of 2008. My new heart has given me a new chance at life and I am forever grateful to the family that gave me my "Angel Heart Thumper". Today I am 19 years old and awaiting a second heart transplant due to severe Coronary Artery Disease.


Abby Doman said...

Hey Megan its your friend Abby:) Stay strong and know that we all care for you in the Doman family :)

ChssAddct said...

Hi Megan, This is Joe Fullmer. My daughter Maya is 14 and had a heart transplant in 2011, around the same time as Abby Doman and MiaBella.
I cannot speak as to the quality of medicine in other countries, however I have a friend who has traveled to Thailand several times and received medical care at Bumrungrad hospital
He raves about the quality of care there - that it is actually BETTER than in the U.S. The doctors are often U.S. (e.g. Harvard) trained doctors who after finishing school and residencies were not granted any type of visa to stay in the U.S. The hospital is more advanced technologically than ours are here. While they would not take Medicaid, the costs are dramatically lower! For example, a heart bypass here cost $66K to $150K. In Thailand it costs $12K. The difference more than makes up for travel costs. But again, it likely wouldn't be covered by medicaid or insurance. I have no idea the situation regarding heart transplants, nor the procedures and laws. But, this is something you should probably do some research into. If you would have any questions, email me at