Saturday, July 6, 2013

Quick Update For Today.

Well Last Night I Was Putting On My Pajama's And I Looked Down At My Leg's And There Were So Swollen So I Told My Nurse, And She Called The Doctor On Call And The Doctor Came And Saw Me And Decided To Put Me On Strict I And O's And Then To Day I Well See Internal Medicine And My Transplant Team Well Come See Me To. Well I've Been Shortness Of Breath, Like Six Doctors Had Come In Saw Me, They Did Blood Work, An X-Ray, Dopler, And An Echo, They Still Don't Know What's Wrong. When The Doctor Was Doing My Echo I Was Looking And My Heart Looked Slower. My Doctor's Said I Might Have Another Small Bowl Upstruction, Because I've Been Having Symptom's That I Probably Have One. So Tonight I Don't Know What's Going To Happen, So Hope Fully Something Not Terrible.

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