Saturday, July 13, 2013

This Is What Happened With My Internal Medicine Doctor, It's Crazy And Not Fair

 Well On Thursday, My Internal Medicine Doctor Came In And Asked Me How Was My Stomach Was Doing Because I Have Been NPO For 3 Days And Yesterday I Was On A Full Liquid Diet, And Told Her My Stomach Is About The Same 6 Out Of 10 At That Point, And She Said Well Megan We Think You Are Faking It And It's In Your Head, And I Looked At Her And It Is Not In My Head And I Have Real Pain And She Got Really Upset. So I Don't Know What To Do. Oh, And Yesterday I Asked To Speak To Her And She Gave Me A Dirty Look And Walked Away And Ignored Me All Day. That Is So Fucked Up, Excuse For My Bad Language, Sorry I'm Just Very Upset.

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