Wednesday, February 4, 2009

All About My Appoitment With Julian Smith And About My Grandma Having Stroke's.

Well Today is Wednesday which was my appointment withe Dr.Julian Smith and well for now on  only go see Julian on Wednesdays, cause I now she is moving too a new office again. So please you all  don't for get all of that. well so me and my mommy woke up, we were kind of late, but not that bad as we usually are well any ways. So we then both got in the shower, and we both got dressed and all ready too go too, well then I took all my Medicine, checked my Blood Pressure, and my Temperature, and wrote it down in my Heart, and Medicine Check Book, that I have been have too use sense I first got home from the Hospital still, don't forget that ether. And so my Mom had too take my Grandma too the ER because she has been having Strokes, so then me and my got all ready. So then my Mom came and got me and my sister, so then we  left our house about at 1:00am because my sister Jacqueline had too be at School by one o'clock and we dropped her off. So then me and my Mom drove too Julian's across from Trolley Square and she dropped me off because she had too go back too the Hospital for my Grandma.  And so I went into the Julian's new office down by Trolley Square. Well so then I went  and waited for Julian and then she came and got me, well so we started talking. And she said "know Megan you need too stop doing this you have too try too get it out of your head or you well need to go too a Treatment Center for me to get help" But we are working it out and trying too find out how too stop it, so that's a good thing. well and then me and Julian we were talking about more stuff.  Anyways and then me and her had too talk about my niece jewels which is about some bad stuff with Jewels my niece. So we did do that and it went really really pretty good but very sad too, so know we are just going too make shore that Jewels is OK now. But so then me and her talked about my Sexual Abuse by Tom, and that was so,so,so,so sad and hard too,I mean like every time I was telling her what he did too me ,I would always stop when i was going too tell her how he hurt me, but I really was so scared, so that was really had and very sad for me too do. So we both finally got all done talking. and know Dr.Hendricks works at a Mental Treatment Center called Wasatch Canyons. So then my Brother Lamar came and picked me upped, and we went Home then me and my Brother went and picked my sister up from School at 4:00 p.m. And then we went Home, and my Mom said that my Grandma well might be staying in the Hospital for a while ,I also then took my late afternoon Medicine wicth is always around six.  And I'm still on my Antibiotic Medicine. So ya any ways that's about it.

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