Thursday, February 5, 2009

All About How It's Been And I Well Blog Again Soon.

OK well know see I'm still a little bit sick, and I'm still on my Antibiotic Medication. Well so just too let you guys know that ,my grandma and  grandpa are still up here with us, and well my grandma is doing a lot better. Well so see my grandpa, grandma,my sister Jacqueline,and my brother Lamar well they a going too the Jazz Basketball Game tonight which is really cool,but I cant go cause I'm Omnipresent and all that other stuff you know. So ell me and my Mommy are staying Home and my Grandma might too. Well see I'm so,so,so,so,so,very,very ,very ,very happy because I get too wacth the bran new episode of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, well see in Grey's Anatomy theirs this Doctor named Derick and he's in love with with Meredith Grey, well and see now in private Practice is a different show case see Derick's ex wife is in that show and tonight both off the shows are going to be together which is very cool, and even Derick's going too ask Meredith too ask her too Marry him. Well so ya anyways that about it.

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