Friday, December 19, 2008

All About The First Part Of My Heart Cath.

OK well about my Heart Cath today whice is Friday. Well Ok so I woke up and then i got in the shower, and then took my Medication and then my Temperature,and also my blood pressure, and I took all of my Medicine except my Prograf, cause they all ways have too check my prograf level all the time.So we got at the Hospital at about 8:00a.m. Well so then my Mom cheked me in and we waited,and waited,waited,and waited,waited,and waited, and then we finally got called back. So I got every done with that part and then I went too all the way, and i smelled Strawberry. Well so my mommy waited for me for my sweet beautiful eyes too open and me for too wake up. Well so I finally woke up about 2:00p.m. Well and then the nurse gave me a fruit  punch slushy. Well and then my mom asked the nurse about my Prograf Level, and then they realized that they didn't do my Prograf Level and they even for got too give me my Prograf Medication too which was very bad. And then they told my mommy to give me my Prograf medicine so she did. So my mom called Emily the Transplant Coordinator and then.......

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