Friday, December 19, 2008

All About The Rest Of My Heart Cath And I And The Docter's Don't Know If I'm In REJECTION.

And then so my mommy got on the phone with Emily and she said too my mom that well yesterday was Clinic but we didn't have too go cause of my Heart Cath, Well and then she said that we forgot about the the Heart Echo, So we did the ECHO and it look pretty bad, They said that there was a Protrusion and alot of Flowed around my Heart. But they don't know if its leaking or not. So we don't know if I'm i REJECTION or not their not shore. So i have to go back in on Monday and they have too do another Echo done and alot of blood test done too. So I'm very worried. Well and then we finally got too go home and then we had Pizza for dinner and then I got ready for bed and wactehed Hannah Montana and then blogged and then I took my Medication, and took a hot nice shower and went too sleep. Zzzzzz Well and just too let you guys know that I well try too up date my Blog tomorrow when I get My heart Cath Results. OK guys and my Heart Babies, well Merry Christmas everyone Thank you.

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