Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Heart Cath Form Yesterday

Well I had my Heart Cath yesterday, and It went pretty good, well I went in at 11:00 in the morning. And then Again I had my bad episode again, I was asleep for a very long, long, long , long, long time, but the very great, great, great, great, great thing was I didn't have to stay over night at the Hospital, well I woke up about 6:30 at night and then we had to wait for the Cardiologist, too come talk to us about the Heart Cath, and about the X- Ray they had too do, well I guess they did the X- Ray while i was having my bad sleeping Episode. Well any way's we waited, and waited, and waited, and then finally my Cardiologist came in who withe is Dr.Everett. And well she came in and told us that the Heart Cath looked great and that we had too only go too Clinic once a week, instead of twice a week, and my mom was kind of worried so she asked why, and Dr.Everett said because Megan has done so great and how good her Heart Cath's, and Echo's look. So my mom said well that's good. So then we left the Heat Cath Lab, So then well it was so cool that well me and my mom went to Toco Bell and got us A toco, then we went too basket Robbin's an got us each a scoop of ice cream, and then we buyed us a ice cream cake and we wrote on the cake Megan's Special Day. Well so then we got home, and I finished eating my toco and then I took a hot nice bath, and I went in and wacthed Gery's Anatomy, then went on the computer, and then I also took all of my Medication, and then I checked my Blood Pressure and Temperature, and I got ready for bed I been having alot of pain in my Chest for some wired reason and my hand has been num sence the Heart Cath which was yesterday well and I finally went to sleep. Zzzzzzz   

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Gabby said...

*I'm glad your heart cath went well. Hope everything keeps getting better!* Gabby