Saturday, November 15, 2008

The New Plan For Now

Well now the new plan so far is that we go to Clinic every Thursday's no more Monday's, so I only have too go too Clinic once a week not twice a week any more. So on my Clinic day's which is now only Thursday's, so on Thursday's first I check-in and then I get my blood work, Echo, EKG and then my check-up all done and all of that other stuff done too. So and then I go and see Julian Smith, but I still go too the Hospital on Monday's just too go see Julian Smith and Dr. Jeramey Hendricks, cause I have too see them twice a week. And then me and my mom go get my Medicine from the Pharmacy every Thursday, now I only have Heart Cath's every mounth instead of every Friday. Also I still have Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy, oh and also I still have home school twice a week. I also take my Medicine every Morning and Night. This plane is going too be the Plan for A while, well that's all I know for Know, but when I get new thing's that I have too do for my new plan I well just add it. OK well that's all I think I know for now.

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BIASUTTI'S said...

Dear Megan,
We never meet you before, but we've been following your story.
You are so strong and amazing! Our baby Stella was born with a heart defect, and now is recovering real well. We hope she grows up to be aas strong as you.
Keep up the fight, were praying for you.

Stefano, Sara, and Stella Biasutti.